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For anyone, wanting to pursue a course that is English intensive from a renowned Australian University, getting an ELICOS (English Language Intensive Course for Overseas Students) Student Visa subclass 570 is mandatory. The school that you are studying at must be registered with ELICOS English language program.

If you are taking an ELICOS course while pursuing another main course then you must get a visa for the main course as well. For example, if you are taking a short ELICOS course and then want to pursue a higher education course like Bachelors of Arts, then you need to get a visa for your higher education as well.

This is a part of Overseas Student Program (OSP) by the Government of Australia through which they enroll international students into Australian Colleges or schools.

It is mandatory to take a course on a full time basis. You can select from a variety of courses and can even customize your learning experience by combining different parts of courses with each other. You will have to provide an Electronic Confirmation of Enrolment (ECoE) while applying for ELICOS student visa Subclass 570.

An application checklist has been provided by the government of Australia. You need to get all the necessary documents mentioned in this checklist and follow the application process accordingly. You must attach all the necessary documents before attaching the additional ones as there is an upper limit on the number of documents you can

The course you have enrolled in should be registered with Commonwealth Register of Institutions and Courses for Overseas Students (CRICOS). You will be allowed to stay in Australia till the end of this course and will have to file for another visa to extend your stay in Australia. Be careful as most of the student visas come with a ‘no further stay’ condition imposed on them. This can mean that you will not be able to extend your stay in Australia.

You must also provide the migration authorities with the necessary character and medical certificate that act as a proof for meeting the requirements. Your health and fitness will be determined by a medical profession registered with Australian migration authorities. The Police Check certificate will act as a character certificate. You must provide the police check certificate for every country you have lived in for 12 months or more within a range of 10 years of applying for this visa.

Any outstanding debts to the commonwealth of Australia will lead to a rejection of your application. You will not be able to apply for this visa if you have a ‘no further stay’ condition imposed on any other visa of Australia. You must also showcase that you have enough funds to support yourself during studies. You need to have an Overseas Student Health Insurance (OSHC.)

This visa enables you to work in Australia. Still there is a caveat as this visa, like other student visas, enables you to work for up to 20 hours per week and to get a full time job during semester breaks. You will not be able to work if you are under 15 years of age.

You will be enabled to take courses that lead to certificates I, II, III and IV. Not only you, but also your partner can take up a course spanning for a period of less than 3 months. Still, they will be required to get an additional visa if they want to study with you in Australia.

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