Parents are that one blessings whose support can help to cross any obstacle. There constant support and blessings has always been required by every child in the world. Keeping them near is something we all wish for whether it is for few years or on permanent basis. With Contributory Parent (Temporary) Visa in hand the parent can stay with their child for few years.

Visa Subclass 173 allows applicants to stay in Australia with their child for up to two years if they are granted visa. For this visa the child, as in the sponsor, should fall into any of the tree categories mentioned below:

  • An Australian Citizen.
  • Permanent Resident of Australia.
  • An Eligible New Zealand Citizen settled in Australia

In case the applicant wish to permanently settle in Australia, they can opt for Contributory Parent Visa Subclass 143 separately.

To qualify for Visa Subclass 173 applicants need to fulfil the following requirements:

  • The Applicant needs to be sponsored.
  • Balance of Family test needs to be met.
  • Ready to pay higher amount of the Visa Application for faster completion of the process.

This Contributory Parent (Temporary) Visa is temporary in nature, as mentioned in the visa name, and furthermore, can neither be renewed nor extended. The only option for the visa holder is to apply for Contributory Parent Visa Subclass 143 within the two years of period. This also helps in spreading the cost of the migration of contributory parent over the years.

Most of applicants are only accepted if they are sponsored by their child only. The sponsor should meet the requirement of two years legal settlement in Australia before applying for the visa.

Benefits of Visa Subclass 173

  • The applicant stay in Australia for two years since the time Visa is granted.
  • Partake in Medicare – Australia’s health care and expenses related program.
  • Further study or take up a job in the country.
  • For two year travel outside and come back to Australia without any fuss.

As this visa is only granted on temporary basis, the visa holder has two years, since the date visa has been granted, to apply for the permanent one, namely –Contributory Parent Visa Subclass 143.

Certain Points to Keep in Mind before Applying:

  • Much More Expensive: For Australia Immigration of parents, Contributory Parent Visas including both Visa Subclass 143 and Visa Subclass 173 are the most expensive way to go through. The reason is that most of the families are ready to pay an extra amount for faster processing of the visa.
  • Visitor and Tourist Visa: Tourist Visa Subclass 676 and Visitor Visa Subclass 600 holder need to discuss their situation at Parent Visa Centre to know more about this process.
  • Passport: In case the applicant’s passport is due for renewal, it is advisable to do so well before applying for the visa, as it is directly connected with the passport number provided in the application form. If, however, the passport has been renewed after applying then it is imperative to share such information with correct person in Parent Visa Centre.
  • No Further Stay: At times other visas put forward certain conditions such as no further stay. If that is the case, then the applicant cannot apply for this visa.
  • Visa Payment: The payment regarding the application charge is done in two instalments. First one is done at the time of filling the application for the visa and the second one is paid for each specific member mentioned in the application. The payment time for this instalment will be informed at a later date.

Duration of Visa Subclass 173

This temporary visa allows the visa holder to stay in Australia for two years from the time the visa is allotted. It can neither be renewed again nor extended for any amount of time. However, the benefit is that you can apply for the permanent visa – Contributory Parent Visa Subclass 143 from the country itself.

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