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Skill selection forms perhaps the most critical of all evaluation criteria that the Australian Government or for that matter any  government that is interested in ensuring that only the right people with the right skills come in considers.

The Department of Immigration and Border Protection of the Australian Government has put in place a comprehensive online service that addresses this vital issue of concern to all the parties relating to the immigration program.

Present in the form of a link in the official web site of the Department, this online service successfully enlightens how a potential immigrant can

The beauty of the entire exercise of Skills Select is that it is one of the simplest in its genre and at the same time caters to the purpose effectively enough.

In doing so, the Skill Select process takes care of the following three overriding objectives

  1. Address the concerns and anxieties of the potential immigrant intending to work and settle down somewhere in regional Australia for good, and
  2. Meet head on the regional shortages of skills and thereby enable regional Australia’s employers and managers fill the gap
  3. It may be mentioned also here that the Immigration Department’s Skill Select exercise is essentially point based.

Here is how the Skill Select program works for the satisfaction of all concerned stakeholders

The first important step for the potential immigrant seeking to apply for the Australian visa that would eventually let him or her to work and settle down for good in Australia is to submit what is referred to as the EOI (Expression of Interest).

This can be done by simply logging on to the Skills Select link on the official web site of the Immigration Department.

The EOI is an official expression of interest to and work in Australia in your area of expertise or business only and is not the visa application itself.

In the EOI, you are required to provide all possible information like

It is noteworthy here that the following areas dominate Australia’s Immigration programmes


Easy and simple enough, isn’t it?

Occupational Ceilings

The Occupational Ceilings are applied to regulate the flow of migrations to different occupational groups so that no one group hogs all the attention.

It is pertinent to note here that the Occupational Ceilings do not apply to State or Territory Nominated, Employer Sponsored or Business Innovation and Investment sub classes.

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