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Immigration to Australia is actually based on Australia Points System that describes that the persons who are eager and keen to visit Australia so, before they have to qualify few of the important perquisites where you need to score some points and those points are based on the abilities of your skills and knowledge. From 1 July 2012 there are some changes in points for Australian immigration and the new immigration points system are basically emphasized on the work experience as well as higher academic qualifications.

On other hands these points will be also applicable for study in Australia, regional study, spouses’ skills or proficiency and community languages also. The new points are will be applied on:

  • Subclass 189 Skilled Independent.
  • Subclass 190 Skilled Nominated.
  • Subclass 489 Skilled Provisional.

Another important announcement for our new and noteworthy changes in points tests that the people who are between the aged from 46 to 49 only they can apply while, the applicants can never obtain the points if they belong to the aged of between 45 to 49.

Age based points are followed as:

  • Age from 18 to 24 years old -25 Points.
  • Age from 25 to 32 years old – 30 Points.
  • Age from 33 to 39 years old – 25 Points.
  • Age from 40 to 44 years old – 15 Points.
  • Age from 45 to 49 years old – 0 Points.

On the base of English language proficiency

Besides, the points also need to attain for English language proficiency, which includes minimum of 6 points scores that will be on every of the four essential factors of the International English Language Testing System (IELTS). The points should be accomplished for English Language Proficiency that includes:

  • Proficient English (need to score minimum 7 on every of the four basic factors of the IELTS) – 10 points.
  • Superior English (need to score minimum 8 on every of the four basic factors of the IELTS) – 20 points.

For Educational Qualifications

  • For Doctorate or PhD degree if you want to do from any Australian educational universities  – 20 points.
  • Bachelor degree and Honours bachelor or master degree from any Australian educational universities – 15 points.
  • Diploma courses and any trade educations done in Australia – 10 points.

For skilled employment who are in Australia:

  • Minimum one year but not more than two years (from past 10 years) – 5 points.
  • Minimum three but not more than four years (from past 10 years) – 10 points.
  • Minimum five but not more than seven years (from past 10 years) – 15 points.
  • Minimum eight but not more till 9 years ( from past 10 years) – 20 points.

For skilled employment who are outside of Australia

  • Minimum three years but not more than four years (from past 10 years)  – 5 points.
  • Minimum five years but not more than seven years (from past 10 years) – 10 points.
  • Minimum eight years but till 10 years (from past 10 years) – 15 points.
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