ACS Issues Skill Assessment Guidelines for Applicants for ICT Occupations
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The Australian Computer Society is an authenticated assessing authority for ICT occupations. It lays down some instructions for state nomination applications for ICT occupations.

ICT occupations- offshore applicants

July 4th 2016 onwards the offshore applicants for ICT occupations that appear on the state nominated occupation list for immigration SA would require achieving a higher point constraint on the department of immigration and border protection (DIBP) points test. This rule is applicable on the occupations including a skills assessment from ACS.

To know more about the current minimum point requirement for your ICT occupation, please refer to the state nominated occupation list. To your concern, immigration SA will provide a notice of seven calendar days instructing of any changes to the points required. Keep yourself posted by subscribing to the occupation list on the Immigration SA website.

Any occupation that has met its planning level will be considered listed as “special conditions” and the applicants will only be eligible if they fall under one of the special conditions categories. A minimum of 60 points is needed in this case.

ICT occupations- working in South Australia/ South Australian graduate

The higher point constraint mentioned above will not be applicable in some cases like:

  1. If you are currently working in a skilled occupation in South Australia.
  2. If you are applying under the international graduate of south Australian category.

For the aforementioned cases, a minimum of 60 points only is needed (comprising state nomination points)

ICT occupations – work experience points

The ACS skills assessment will declare the date from which your skilled work experience is recognized from. For example:

The following employment after February 2014 is considered to equate to work at an appropriately skilled level and relevant to 261111 (ICT business analyst) of the code.

So, before you claim work experience points for your SkillSelect Expression of Interest (EOI), ensure to check the date as mentioned above in the example. Any points claimed prior to this date will not be accepted and your state nomination application will be refused due to points being wrongly claimed.

Additional Documents Required

If you are claiming points, then you also need to provide additional evidence while applying for an ICT occupation with higher point requirement.

There would be a supplementary page given at the end of the state nomination application where you can upload additional documents required.

Also, there is a work experience page where you can upload your work experience reference.

Below mentioned are the additional documents required, if you are claiming points in your SkillSelect expression of Interest (EOI). To know more, click visit the document checklist.

  1. Qualification: This document is needed only if this is to obtain points for a qualification that is not listed in ACS skills assessment. It would include graduation certificate/ an academic transcript/ letter of completion from the institution.
  2. Work experience: This document is required only to obtain additional work experience points for the work experience not listed in the ACS assessment. It would include letter from current and previous employers confirming commencement date, duties and tasks, job title, salary and number of working hours per week.
  3. Community language: A copy of the National Accreditation Authority for translators and interpreters (NAATI) authorization.
  4. Partner skills points: A copy of the authenticate skills assessment for the main applicant’s partner.
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