Kiran Sindwani

Kiran Sindwani

“Let me start this message with a big THANK YOU to Mr. Manish Srivastva and Ms. Chinki for helping us in getting the Australian PR. 

Selecting a Consultant for our application wasn’t easy at the first place, we visited many consultancies at Nehru Place , before coming to ImmigrationXperts and the way Mr. Manish explained us the entire procedure and the kind of expertise he has, it became easy for us to take our decision.

In no time we finalized Immigration Xperts to get our process or you can say the first step to our dream started.

We filed our Vetassess under #ANZSCO #272115: Student Counsellor, a very complex profile , and guess what we received our positive Skill Assessment before speculated time frame , just in 45 days !

During the last one years we’ve had various meetings with him and after every meeting we were more positive and hopeful than before. Manish helped us in our every step, from counseling to getting a right PTE Coaching , PTE material too.

Our application and all the required letters were carefully prepared. There were few anxious moments as there was some delay from our side in clearing the PTE and then the time taken by the Immigration department to get the application processed, however Manish always helped us in staying Positive, he never had any doubt and kept on pushing us for the next steps.After clearing PTE , we filed State nomination in Australian Capital Territory , Canberra with 70 Points and got the invitation after 4 months.

We were anxiously waiting for the decision on our application and we really liked the way it was shared with us. Manish just not only helped us in getting the PR, he supported us post that as well, he helped us with our Resume writing, getting familiar with Australian policies and he educated us more on their culture as well.

Most of us only see the outcome, but there’s a lot of time, sweat, patience and definitely skills which are invested in getting things done. We really owe this to Manish and his fabulous team and we’re glad that our decision of selecting Immigration Xperts paid off.”

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